Kaoruko Tenkawa

Kaoruko Tenkawa
Original Name
天川 薫子
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 17th
144.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 7331
Like # 6421
Trash # 20662

Tenkawa Kaoruko, also known by her magical Girl alias Magia Sulfur, is a member of Tres Magia. She has long blonde hair and wears a yellow version of the Tres Magia magical uniform. In her La Verita, she dons a China Dress that appears to be a cheongsam with a boob window, exposed navel and exposed back all in a diamond pattern. She has 3 belts float on each arm for a total of six. Kaoroku puts on a calm and cool mask for the public, but in reality she is a crude and short-tempered girl. She is not hesitant to start a conflict, and will goad and taunt others, whether as herself or as Magia Sulfur. She and Leopard instinctively have it out for each other. They immediately devolve to insults and fighting at every opportunity. This happens even in their civilian forms, despite not recognizing each other due to recognition inhibition. It has been shown that Kaoroku is a sore loser, as she is both self-deprecating and infuriated when defeated by Loco Musica and Leberblume. This pushes her to train harder, as well as show how she is the type of person who holds grudges against others. Kaoruko is also rather foul-mouthed. After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Leberblume and Loco Musica, she is angered to the point that she shouts threats so unbelievably graphic and vulgar they cannot be repeated. Another time, Magenta was kidnapped and subjected to being forced to endure severe itching, but was soon saved. Later, during an interview regarding Tres Magia's debut album, Sulfur flipped the middle finger to the camera while cursing out Enormeeta and making a threat so obscene it made the TV station interrupt with a commercial break. She is also the most intelligent and cunning of the three, as she was the only one able to notice Enormeeta's schemes. She is also a skilled actor, as she succeeded in tricking Venalita into thinking she betrayed Tres Magia as part of her plan to get close to Baiser and take her out. Kaoruko seems to be attracted to Haruka, though she apparently tries to deny it to herself. Upon seeing Magenta's La Verità, she is horrified by Magenta's new promiscuous personality, and loses her assertive nature to become an emotional wreck. Kaoruko is determined to not let Haruka use La Verità again, as she is unable to handle the change. First-Person Shooters have been her favourite games lately.

magical girl crude loli short-tempered stubborn
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