Holy Tengeiji

Holy Tengeiji
Original Name
天花寺 ホリィ
Romaji Name
Sister Gigant
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
190.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Deviluke Necron
Popularity # 11957
Like # 10394
Trash # 28313

Sister Gigant is a member of Lord's Legion. She has lilac hair and is dressed in a nun's habit but it has far more exposed skin than the norm having an exposed midriff, underboob and her legs completely visible through massive slits in the lower part of the habit. She wears the four pointed star of Enormeeta in place of a cross. She does not wear anything under the habit, not even undergarments. She is also barefoot. Sister Gigant is very submissive and obedient, following orders without question and not protesting punishment. She is also melancholy, as she is often seen crying and lamenting certain events. However, this is actually an act, as despite following Lord Enorme without question, Gigant's true loyalty is to Venalita. Because she successfully fooled Lord Enorme, as well as the rest of Enormeeta, this shows how Gigant is a skilled actress as well. She may be secretly sadistic, as she smiled when Lord Enorme crawled away with significant injuries and watched her escape.

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