Kiwi Araga

Kiwi Araga
Original Name
阿良河 キウィ
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 6th
148.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 5872
Like # 5135
Trash # 14402

Araga Kiwi, also known by her alias Leopard, is a member of the evil organization Enormeeta. She currently attends the same school as Hiiragi Utena. Although she is short, she has a large chest. Leopard's costume resembles an oversized military uniform. It's adorned with 4-point stars, has a matching hat and boots, and all but exposes her nether region, covered only in garters and a thong. Beneath her oversized jacket, three stars appear across her chest. She became a member of Enormeeta to beat up magical girls, because she hated that they got more attention than her on social media. Although Kiwi was initially hostile towards Utena, after undergoing shock training, she became docile and developed a crush on Utena. Now she is content with Utena's acknowledgement alone. Kiwi frequently fantasizes about going to a love hotel with Utena. Despite appearances she is decent enough academically to help Utena avoid her grades deteriorating. She and Magia Sulfur instinctively have it out for each other. They immediately devolve to insults and fighting at every opportunity — even in their civilian forms, despite not recognizing each other due to recognition inhibition. Due to spending a lot of time with Utena, Kiwi has picked up part of her personality and now likes to "play" with Tres Magia. This includes building a card tower on Azul's rear when she was stuck in the wall during the Baiser's Dungeon event and playing a pull-string lottery with clothes pegs clamped on to Magenta's nipples.

hair buns teen ahoge beauty mark black eyes blonde hair large breasts magical girl mole purple eyes sand blonde hair short eyebrows thin eyebrows twinbuns villain
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