Tanaka Michiko

Tanaka Michiko
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Tanaka Michiko, also known as Lord Enorme, is the leader of Lord's Legion. As Lord Enorme she is cruel and remorseless, being the mastermind who caused the defeat and possible deaths of many magical girls. She is extremely arrogant, very self-entitled, takes pride in her actions, and does not hesitate to torture her subordinates. She also shows the condescending attitude of a psychopath and emotional volatility of a sociopath. However, due to acting like a child with chuunibyou, she is overly dramatic, making unnecessary poses and reciting speeches that sound like a stereotypical villainous monologue. As a result, Magia Baiser is repulsed by her personality and, upon entering her empowered form, subconsciously filters her vision to see Lord Enorme as a child. After being defeated and removed from power, Michiko took on the name Imitatio and a civilian name of Imita Shion, and became the leader of the Shio-Chans. As Imitatio, she somehow takes on a childlike appearance, which Venalita believes stems from the trauma of being spanked by Magia Baiser influencing her transformation. She has grey hair and pale blue eyes with star-shaped pupils. She wears what looks like a skimpy military uniform. Presumably as a result of her injuries when escaping from Sister Gigant, Michiko now has a scar under her left eye.

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