Anastasia Hoshin

Anastasia Hoshin
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Anastasia Hoshin is the head of the Hoshin Trading Company and a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica. She is a supporting character, first introduced in Arc 3, and she plays major roles in Arc 5 and Arc 6. A commoner turned successful merchant, her motive for participating in the Royal Selection is to expand her company. She desperately clings on to what she has, allowing her contracted spirit to possess her as to not forget Julius after he had his memories eaten in Arc 5. After the events of Arc 6, her spirit ended their contract, causing her to forget Julius, but also allowing the two to start their relationship anew. Anastasia is a petite woman with blue green eyes and long, wavy purple hair that extends to her hips. She wears a long white dress with a fur hat and scarf along with a large purse shaped like a wallet. She also wears a star-shaped hairpin on her hair and a small teal pendant around her neck. In her negotiation with Subaru, she wore a short pink hat and a blue scarf. She is described to have cute looks and an aura similar to a small animal. When she had first met Ricardo, Anastasia had worn ragged clothes with her body covered in dirt. After Ricardo saved her from becoming a slave, he had cleaned her up and bought her a small pink and purple kimono with polka-dots and gave her a short haircut. Then in Kararagi Girl & Cat's Eye, she wore a white and blue kimono. But as she got older, she outgrew her hair and wore a long kimono with flowers on her sleeves. Anastasia has a crafty personality, always putting herself first, even admitting herself that she was greedy, her greed stemming from the fact that she was an orphan. She speaks with a Kansai dialect. She likes it when people benefit when she benefits, though despite her faults, she is actually sympathetic and has a strong sense of duty. She also loves food like okonomiyaki and is mentioned to be a real liquor lover. In Arc 5's climax, Anastasia lost control of her body, for unknown reasons. Her guardian – artificial spirit Echidna – took over her body, in hope that no one would notice the change as there was a high possibility of Anastasia losing the race to become the 42nd King of the Kingdom of Lugnica, if the news got around. In the finale of Arc 6, however, it was revealed that Anastasia willingly secluded her soul inside her own Od, in order to not forget her knight Julius. When Julius fought with the first generation's Sword Saint, Echidna forced Anastasia's soul out of her Od, in order to allow her to witness the "rebirth" of her knight. This caused Anastasia to forget Julius' name due to the Authority of Gluttony, but allowed her and Julius to start over and create new memories.

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