Ann Magnolia

Ann Magnolia
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An Magunoria
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Ann Magnolia is the protagonist of the second chapter of the first volume of the light novel. She is a young girl who lives with her terminally ill mother. At the request of her mother, Violet is tasked to write letters to Ann for the future. She died shortly before the events of her granddaughter Daisy Magnolia's section of Violet Evergarden: The Movie. Ann is a girl with fair skin, wavy dark brown hair, amber eyes, and freckles located on the bridge of her nose. At seven years old, she has short hair with a blue ribbon on the left side of her head. As she grows up, Ann discards the ribbon. Growing up over the years, Ann blossoms into a very beautiful woman, noted to look exactly like her mother. She develops a more slender build and grows longer hair which she wears in side-parted bangs and different styles; at the age of 18, she wears her hair in a bun, and at the age of 20, she wears her hair in a loose braid. Ann is a cheerful and gentle young girl. Like any other child, she is very curious in her surroundings, but would be scolded by her mother for doing things she is not supposed to. She treasures her mother more than anyone in the world – even more than her own existence. This is why she is rather jealous when Violet comes along and starts spending a lot of time with her mother, but she grows close to Violet later on as well. Ann grew up as a rather serious and independent girl, keen to notice everything happening in her surroundings. Since her mother was so carefree, Ann began worrying and deducted that any visitors who were coming for her mother would fool her to get their hands on her money. She also learned ruthlessness, indifference, betrayal, and greed of people through her mother. That is why she believed herself the only one who could protect her mother. However, Ann does act a young girl in her age, she absolutely loves playing, whatever it may be; from playing with dolls, playing with bugs or playing house. She could also be dishonest with her own feelings at times. Ann was also noted to be tomboyish as a child with a straightforward attitude, but as a daughter of the Magnolia family, she was taught to always be polite and graceful. As an adult, Ann matures and grows more self-confident, as she claims that she is no longer the girl who could do nothing but cry. She is not very shy and will face people head-on if required. She also began studying and working intensively so she could make a career for herself. Thanks to her mother's support through the letters, Ann was able to live alone in her mansion for a long time, until she started a family of her home. She is very loving towards her daughter and husband, and she is shown to be a caring and gentle woman.

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