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Beatrice is a member of the Emilia Camp and the former caretaker of the Forbidden Library at Roswaal's Mansion, until its destruction in the climax of Arc 4. She is one of the main supporting characters in Re:Zero, with an especially large role in Arc 4. She is an artificial spirit created by the Witch of Greed for unknown reasons. 400 years ago, she was told to wait in the library for "That Person" who would grant her salvation. However, in Arc 4's climax, Subaru convinced her to live and she became his contracted spirit. On the outside, Beatrice seems like a lovely young girl around the age of eleven or twelve. Her face is so sweet that Subaru believed there was no heart that wouldn't melt at the sight of a genuine smile of hers. Her large sky-blue eyes have pink butterfly patterns as their irises that denote her relation to the Witch of Greed. Beatrice's pale cream blonde hair is worn long and tied into frilly vertical drill-shaped twin tails that act like springs when pulled on. In the anime adaptation, the tips of Betty's twin tails are dyed pink. Most of the time, the Great Spirit of the Forbidden Library can be seen wearing a pink frilly ornate dress with white trimmings and an exposed front that leave her legs visible, and are completely covered by pink and purple vertically-striped tights. A petite crown is also sported on the right side of Beatrice's large head, serving as a nice accessory which complements her appearance rather perfectly. Beatrice also wears pink shoes with butterfly straps on her feet, and has a large pink ribbon adorned upon the left side of her waist and a pair of similar ribbons tied at the top of her twin tails. Beatrice generally looks down on others and is bad at dealing with people who try to get close to her. Despite being full of bravado, she's a lonely person, and is softhearted beyond her perceived stubbornness. She is affectionate towards Puck because of their similarities and favors him over the others in the Roswaal household. She has a distinct way of speaking, adding "I suppose" and "in fact" at the end of most of her sentences.

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