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Smile Precure!
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Candy came down to Earth from Märchenland to search for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure, after her world was invaded by the evil emperor Pierrot, who had sealed away the Queen. In order for the Queen to be revived, Candy has to gather all of the tokens of Happiness, the Cure Decor. Candy is very girly and fond of fashionable things, like hairstyles, cosmetics, and playing dress-up. She can be also a bit strict about Miyuki and the girls' status as Pretty Cures, but she is still a child, so she's easily distressed and can be a crybaby now and then. She acts like a typical little sister around her brother, Pop. She doesn't know the human world very well so Miyuki explains the customs. When she has trouble or worries that she can't help out as much as she would like to, she seeks advice usually from Reika. Candy has pink fur (very toned down, to the point of looking white to the naked eye), with two curly yellow pigtail-like ears held with pink bows. Her eyes are dark blue with yellow wing markings near them to accent the pink and yellow heart markings on her forehead. Her arms and legs are stubby, and she has a frilled pink collar around her neck. Her tail is yellow and curly, like her ears. As Royale Candy, she becomes a small human girl with vibrant blue eyes. Her ears become hair and she gains short bangs, worn with large white feathery ornaments and a gold crown with a large white gem to accent her earrings and choker. She wears a frilly white dress with pale ruffled fabric over the skirt and a rainbow chest brooch over a white and pale pink winged ornament with ribbon tails. Her wrist pieces and shoes are white and pale yellow, with pale pink winged cuffs. She gains a pair of white wings in this form.

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