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To teenager Miyuki Hoshizora, fairy tales are a world of wondrous encounters and happy endings. Inspired by her love for these stories, she lives every day searching for happiness. While running late on her first day of school as a transfer student, Miyuki meets Candy—a mysterious fairy from the world of fairy tales, Märchenland. However, when Candy disappears as quickly as she appeared, Miyuki is left believing the encounter was only a dream. After an eventful first day, Miyuki finds a mysterious library at school. While combing through the bookshelves, she is transported next to Candy, who claims to be searching for the so-called legendary warriors, Precure. When forced to protect Candy's and everyone else's happiness, Miyuki transforms into "Cure Happy," one of the Precure warriors! As Cure Happy, Miyuki is now tasked with finding the other legendary warriors and protecting the world from destruction, all while possibly discovering her very own happy ending.

TV48 Episodes
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Reika Aoki

青木 れいか
Display picture for Yayoi Kise

Yayoi Kise

黄瀬 やよい
Display picture for Nao Midorikawa

Nao Midorikawa

緑川 なお
Display picture for Miyuki Hoshizora

Miyuki Hoshizora

星空 みゆき
Display picture for Akane Hino

Akane Hino

日野 あかね
Display picture for Ikuyo Hoshizora

Ikuyo Hoshizora

Display picture for Joker
Display picture for Runa Terada

Runa Terada

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