Image for the work Alo~ha Pretty Cure!

Alo~ha Pretty Cure!

Original Name
Romaji Name
Aro~ha Purikyua!
Release Date


All around the world, Pretty Cure are fighting against an enemy named the Phantom Empire. But one by one, they are being defeated and put into mirrors. Hawaii is one of the countries around of world that is being invaded by the Phantom Empire, but there are no Pretty Cure there to protect it! In Hawaii, there are two girls who are twins named Ohana and Olina who are sea shell collecting on the beach with their friends when they find two pink crystals. Together the two girls become Cure Sunset and Cure Wave when Madam Momere attacks their town, which triggers their Crystals of Love to transform into the PreCards and PreChanMirror. Join Ohana and Olina as they meet Aloalo and battle against the Phantom Empire so they can protect Hawaii while collecting the PreCards.

TV49 Episodes

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