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Ohana has long black hair that stops mid back. Her eye color is orange pink. Her outfit consists of a red short sleeved shirt that has yellow linings along her collar, sleeves and shirt hem. On the front of her shirt is three flowers that consist of the colors, pink, yellow and blue. She wears pale blue jean shorts, pale yellow socks, pink, yellow, green and white sneakers with a pale blue beaded bracelet on her left wrist. Cure Sunset has long orange hair with a white and reddish-orange flower on her head. Her hair is styled into a loose ponytail and she also has a white flower clip on her left side of her head. She also has a white pair of flower earrings. In her Pretty Cure form, she doesn't have any sleeves, her vest is worn as a tube with a thick orange lining, she has an orange collar connected to it and has the golden heart brooch of the Pretty Cures in the Happiness Charge team with an orange cloth hanging from the brooch. Below her tube vest is the white cloth, which is much longer then the HCPC team's. Her skirt is orange which is long and flowy. She wears a pair of orange sandals with white flowers on the front. She wears flower wristbands instead of arm warmers and her wings are pale green. Ohana is the twin sister of Olina who has cool personality with a gentle heart. She can however, be quite shy, which surprises quite a lot of people. She thinks of others before herself but can get really angry if they rely on her too much. She is very close with her sister and often quarrels with her a lot but makes up quickly with the help of their friends. She has a sisterly relationship with Olina.

bangs black hair long hair pink eyes small breasts tan skin teen thin eyebrows magical girl mahou shoujo twin
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