Carol Remendis

Carol Remendis
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Carol Fauzen, née Remendis was the personal attendant of the late Theresia van Astrea and played an important role throughout the civil war that happened roughly 40 years before the events of the 1st arc. She is currently working as servant for the Astrea family alongside her husband Grimm Fauzen, often interracting with both Reinhard and Felt. Carol was a beautiful young woman with medium length blonde hair and green eyes. When she was young, she wore a blue and white outfit along with black stockings and armor. On the surface, she comes across as a "hardened" woman, with a straight-laced personality who rarely minces her words when she has something to say. However, Carol is more nuanced than that and has a softer side that reserved for this those who have earned her trust. Her fierce loyalty and personal affection Theresia can also sometimes overpower her normally rational sound judgements and reveal a more competitive childish characteristics, particular in presence of Wilhelm who stole her master's heart. Ultimately, she is a dutiful person who is considered highly dependable among friends and has a fierce loyalty to Theresia.

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