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Cecilus Segmunt, also known as the Blue Lightning, is the current 1st ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia and acted as the Emperor His Majesty Vincent Vollachia's sword until the Emperor was forced to step down sometime between Arcs 4 and 7. He is hailed as the indisputably strongest individual from the Empire, and among the strongest swordsmen in the franchise. Despite still not having formally debuted in the main story, Cecilus played a pivotal role in Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 4, especially in the Royal Selection Prequel: Reinhard vs Cecilus side story. He has also been mentioned in the main story by Ram and Julius Juukulius during the events of Arc 6 where he's noted as one of the only three individuals in the world who are about as strong as the current generation's Sword Saint. Cecilus is a youthful man with around 20 years of age, who usually stands out as an oddity to those who see him. His blue eyes, which give off a rather playful and relaxed aura, coupled with his long dark-blue hair which he has tied messily into a ponytail, make Cecilus give off a rather mysterious aura. To further exemplify his messy personality, various strands of long hair can be seen covering the right side of his face, although not to the extent that his right eye is obscured in any way. Completely opposite to his true nature, Cecilus' facial features are soft enough that, when coupled with his slender frame, he could be mistakenly identified as a woman if one were to quickly glance at him. On the left side of his face, just below his mouth, Cecilus had a noticeable mole. Despite the many hundreds of lives he has taken throughout the years, however, his face isn't burdened by a sense of guilt and his smile is usually described as surprisingly friendly, warm and welcome. Although he was the greatest warrior in Holy Empire of Vollachia, the Blue Lightning wears clothings commonly found in the western City States of Kararagi. During one of his rare visits to Kararagi, Cecilus fell in love with the clothing and had some custom-made for him to wear on daily basis. His outfit consists of a subdued peach-pink kimono with a purple mist-like pattern along its bottom, a bright-blue haori that rests over his kimono with a pair of white diamond-shaped patterns on its breasts, and a pair of hand-made wooden zori sandals on his feet that he takes off during more serious battles. A white sash can also be seen tied around his waist that keeps his blades attached to his side. As Cecilus has more than two blades, the katanas dangling from his waist often change. The coupling of his youthful appearance and odd dress-sense could at first glance portray an image of a boy playing dress-up, entirely disregarding his cruel and often-times brutal personality. Although considered a rather charming and easy-going person, as the strongest member of the Nine Divine Generals, Cecilus is incredibly prideful of his position, to the point he believes that he should be the center of the universe and therefore receive attention and praise, which in turn often results in him looking down of other people and treating them as inferior. He's shown to be extremely childish as well, overreacting to small and insignificant things which often ticked His Majesty Vincent off. Despite this, he was absolutely loyal to the Emperor, referring to himself as his sword, and is nigh impossible to bribe. Although he rarely took his opponents seriously, he was shown to be overly passionate about fighting, as he was elated, seeing how skilled Julius was when he attacked him. Following his initial loss against the Sword Saint, Cecilus went to great lengths in order to illegally trespass the closed borders with the Empire and fulfill his desired to fight the famed Sword Saint once more in order to finally defeat him and prove his superiority. Though, despite his arrogance and childishness, following his duel with Reinhard, he admitted that Reinhard was an incredibly tough opponent and, rather than sulking in his failure, decided to strive and do his best to surpass the famed Sword Saint. He is also implied to be somewhat of a flirt as he told the thugs that attacked him that he would be far happier to give them his signature if they were women. He is also shown to be generous, as when he gave the owner of a restaurant too many holy coins and he mentioned that she deserved it. His sole goal is to achieve the Heavenly Sword, a title that is made for the strongest swordsman existing. Contrary to common belief, if it means achieving the Heavenly Sword, he would easily go against the word of His Majesty Vincent.

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