Charlotte Abelfreyja Flugel

Charlotte Abelfreyja Flugel
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sharurotte Ēberufureiya Dorosseru
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 17th 1904
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Charlotte is the princess of the Kingdom of Drossel who is set to marry Damian Baldur Flugel, the prince of the neighboring Kingdom of Flugel. Charlotte is a pretty young woman with porcelain skin and hazel eyes. She has wavy hip-length strawberry-brown hair with a braided crown. As a princess, she is usually seen wearing fancy clothes such as a long dress and a tiara. At first, Charlotte is seen to be a rather naive and slovenly young girl who is also honest and she will freely speak her mind, but she acts as a proper princess when need be. She has no trouble apologizing for the problems she causes. Charlotte is a very hardworking, tough, intelligent girl who doesn't stop until she reaches her goals. This is shown where she began studying intensively on all the benefits a marriage between members of the Flugel and Drossel royalty would bring to the Kingdom of Drossel. She also laid the groundwork with her father and the cabinet so the Drossel would more likely choose the Flugel family, which they eventually did. She is very caring and holds those she cherishes close to her heart.

braided hair braids brown eyes brown hair fair skin medium breasts naive princess royalty teen thin eyebrows wavy hair
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