Chie Hoshinomiya

Chie Hoshinomiya
Original Name
星之宮 知恵
Romaji Name
Hoshinomiya Chie
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
155.00 cm
Blood Type
78.00 cm
56.00 cm
78.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 5234
Like # 4967
Trash # 6553

Chie Hoshinomiya is the homeroom teacher of Class 1-B. Chie is a young adult woman of average height with chest-length light-brown hair that is curled at the bottom with bangs hanging on the right side, purple eyes and a slim but well-endowed body. Chie is a friendly class teacher who also likes drinking as she often appears in school with a hangover. In spite of her quirks, she appears to be insightful as she recognized the potential of students from class 1-D who could advance such as Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, who she never met (anime only), may present a problem for her class based on what Ichinose told her about him. She has an eye for talent as she has been keeping a close eye on Kiyotaka and know that he is hiding his true capabilities. She is also not afraid of saying her discontent openly and complained that her class situation and their leader is failing the expected standard and admits that they aren’t capable of reaching Class A. In the manga, she also assumed him to be popular in his class, due to his good looks.

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