Chihiro Shiranami

Chihiro Shiranami
Original Name
白波 千尋
Romaji Name
Shiranami Chihiro
Place of Origin
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Popularity # 12081
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Trash # 5249

Chihiro Shiranami is one of the students of class 1-B. She had a crush on Honami Ichinose (Chihiro's friend), but she was later turned down after she confessed. Chihiro is a teenage girl of average height with short blonde hair and bluish violet eyes. She is often seen wearing the standard school uniform. On one occasion, she was seen wearing a bikini as her stylistic choice while hanging out at the pool. Chihiro is infatuated with and openly fawns over Honami Ichinose appearance and personality.She is not afraid to admit it in public as shown when she hugged her, much to the latter's confusion. Chihiro harbours a romantic interest in Honami early on and even wrote a love letter to confess her feelings to her. She was jealous and teared up when she saw her with Kiyotaka Ayanokōji. Although Honami tried to say that he was her boyfriend, Kiyotaka cut in and said that they were just friends, much to her relief. She can be easily emotional, such as when she was heartbroken and ran off crying after Honami blatantly rejected her confession. Despite that, both girls compromised and promised to go back to being friends the next day. It appears that she has overcome incident as later on, she hung out with Honami and was able to get along well.

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