Chika Nakamachi

Chika Nakamachi
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Chika Nakamachi is the classmate and friend of Kaori Orimoto. She is a minor character in the series. Only appearing in two episodes of the anime and two chapters in the Light novel of Volume 8. Chika is seen wearing the uniform of Kaihin Sougou High School that is composed of a white dress shirt, a light blue sweater with two dark blue lines at the top, a red tie, and a navy blue blazer. Nothing about Chika's personality is mentioned either in the Light Novel or the Anime. Chika appears to be a composed individual. Even when meeting Hayato Hayama (Chika's crush), she was able to not overreact. However, during the double date, she can becomes insensitive and inconsiderate towards those she deems inferior, such as Hachiman Hikigaya, as both Kaori and her have a good time making fun and mock him until being chastised by Hayato Hayama.

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