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Earl Ciel Phantomhive is the current head of the Phantomhive house, the notorious Queen's Watchdog, the owner of the Funtom Corporation, and an Aristocrat of Evil. He is the son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and the younger twin brother of "Ciel Phantomhive". Ciel is a short teenage boy with grayish blue-black hair and rich peacock-blue eyes. As described by his tailor, Nina Hopkins, Ciel has a "wonderfully proportioned body." His arms and legs are thin, his shoulders slim, and his waist narrow. On the left side of his body is the mark of the "noble beast", which he was branded with during his time as a slave in a cult. Around this time, his slave-traders also pierced his ears to attach a price tag. Since then, he wears earrings. Ciel typically dresses in a way that suits his noble standing, and he has an extensive wardrobe. He almost always wears a black eye-patch made of gauze with a single cord over his right eye to hide the location of his Faustian contract with Sebastian Michaelis. When in disguise, he trades the black eye-patch for a white patch that resembles a transdermal patch, which is fastened over his ear with two cords. Ciel sports two rings. The one on his left thumb is an ornate silver piece that holds an emerald-cut deep-blue sapphire; it is a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. The one on his right hand is a gold signet ring in the form of the Phantomhive crest, which he uses to stamp the wax seal on documents. Upon his return, the ring was given to him by Angelina Dalles, who told him that it was the only ring that had not been destroyed in the fire that killed his parents. Ciel is a proud, shrewd boy whom Sebastian Michaelis commends for his "presence of mind" and "keen intuition." A chess prodigy, he often navigates challenging situations by visualizing making chess moves, with Sebastian as his pawn. His paramount goal is to exact revenge on those who harmed him and his family, and he is willing to sacrifice his soul to accomplish it. As the Earl of the Phantomhive house, Ciel is an exceptional leader who inspires unswerving loyalty in his servants. Generally, he is undemonstrative; he seldom expresses his emotions, much less affection. Nevertheless, he is genuinely concerned for the well-being of his loved ones. For instance, he once jumped in front of a bear to guard Elizabeth Midford, and he also attempted to protect her from a horde of Bizarre Dolls. Additionally, he is attentive to the needs of his servants; when he heard that they desired new items, he took them shopping and provided them with necessities. Moreover, Ciel is accustomed to luxury. He has difficulty in dressing himself and doing household chores. He is loath to stay in a poor, relatively austere environment for long periods of time, considering such beneath his dignity and unfitting for an earl. As the Queen's Watchdog, Ciel works diligently and does not balk at resorting to morally dubious means in order to fulfill his missions; for instance, he was readily prepared to bribe Fred Abberline to gather more information, which he viewed as flexibility on his part. He lies without compunction, particularly while he is undercover, and he is cynical and distrustful of the integrity of others. Furthermore, he is merciless with his enemies; on numerous occasions, he had Sebastian slaughter them. As the executive chairman of the prosperous Funtom Corporation, Ciel possesses business acumen; he accurately assesses market trajectories and conditions, such as when he anticipated that demand for products tailored to women and children would only continue to grow, and applies his ingenuity and foresight to expand his enterprise. With the Funtom Corporation, he is simultaneously striving for revenge and realizing his childhood dream, a move "Ciel Phantomhive" deems astute. His greed has "no boundaries"; for instance, when he learned that a popular performer could double the sales of his new product, he immediately put up advertisements of her. Although Ciel is, for the most part, wise beyond his years, he can be childish. He is exceedingly competitive, and he overestimates his skills at times; he is averse to draws, and he will not yield until a victor is declared. Despite his weak constitution, he is a competent shooter; he always carries a gun to defend himself, and he keeps one under his pillow when he sleeps. Ciel suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to his time as a slave in a cult. He occasionally has flashbacks of the incident and loses awareness of his surroundings. Ciel is fond of sweets and allergic to cats. Like his mother, he has asthma.

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