Claudia Hodgins Husbando

Claudia Hodgins
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Kuraudia Hojjinzu
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192.00 cm
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Claudia Hodgins is a character in the Violet Evergarden series. He is a former lieutenant-colonel of the army, but quit the military after the war ended and established the CH Postal Company, where he serves as its president. He is tasked with watching over Violet, a task given to him by Gilbert. Hodgins is a tall and leanly muscular man with a few scars on his face and a small goatee. He's rather handsome, with chiseled, masculine features. He has fairly long, shaggy crimson hair with smooth waves that he wears in a low ponytail with messy bangs framing his face. He has droopy turquoise-colored eyes and a happy expression most of the time in the anime. His military uniform consists of a tone-on-tone plaid vest over a white shirt and wide pants, decorated with Suède strings. A plaid ornamental cloth rustles from his waist belt. Hodgins is a very warm, kind and considerate man, who doesn't judge people and gives them the opportunities they deserve. Sometimes cheerful, he is gentle and always tries to speak positively and make his surroundings warm. He is mature and follows his morals, traits he teaches to Violet. As demonstrated by taking Violet in and taking care of her, as well as not giving up on her work as a Doll, Hodgins shows that he is a very considerate and caring man. He is calm and takes everything nicely, be it his work or dealing with other people. Although he is generally carefree and laid-back, he will be serious when needed. He is able to take things in a level-headed manner and say what is wrong or right; he always states the facts and consequences. He is very social with a special charm to him that draws people, especially women, to him. Cattleya describes him as a person who is naturally charismatic in which people gather around him. Hodgins has always had the tricky characteristic of proffering his love for women, but being fond of swaying amongst beautiful people, regardless of them being male or female. He is also rather dandy and loves gambling. He's the kind of man that can do anything if he puts his mind to it. Hodgins is also fond of the idea of having a daughter, as he even wrote a letter for her in the future, which contained that he would eagerly wait for her to be born and that he would support her no matter what. He expressed that he only yearned for her happiness and for her to live a good life free from conflicts like he had experienced. This shows that Hodgins has strong parental instincts.

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