Constance von Nuvelle

Constance von Nuvelle
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March 20th 1161
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Constance is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is an inhabitant of Abyss, and a member of the Ashen Wolves. Additionally, she's the last known bearer of the Crest of Noa after the destruction of House Nuvelle. In the Cindered Shadows side story, Constance is a main protagonist, alongside the other members of the Ashen Wolves. Constance speaks in a domineering, haughty tone, but maintains a scope of politeness and refined speech, being a noble before hiding in Abyss. At times, she can be rude, especially when loudly voicing her aspirations to restore House Nuvelle to its former glory. Interestingly, Constance also seems to need praise to feel better about herself, as in her victory quotes she demands recognition. Due to the tragedy that befell her house, Constance suffers from dual personality disorder. Her aforementioned personality are her dominant traits when indoors or outdoors during darker hours or overcast days. When she is exposed to sunlight, she is much more lethargic, apathetic, and even self-deprecating. Her tone is much more polite, but always stated in a manner that seems like she is inconveniencing her conversational partner. Magical research and development are her favorite activities, believing that it is the best (and only way) to restore House Nuvelle and return it into prominence. However, these spells tend to have questionable utility, such as a spell that gives a rainbow hue to tea which, while beautiful, is ultimately useless. Another spell she develops – after an (ironic) suggestion of Yuri to “get down on all fours and lick [the nobles’] boots” in their C support (which she took literally) – would turn leather into licorice, something that earns her bewilderment from Yuri himself. That said, in most of her endings, her research eventually culminates into restoring her House and making it well known across Fódlan. She holds some distaste for the Adrestian Empire as its actions led to her parents' deaths. Though she bears no grudge against Edelgard, even speaking in a friendly manner to her, she coldly dismisses her apologies for her father's actions. However, she admits if she had known about Edelgard being the Flame Emperor, she would have done everything in her power to stop her, even if it stopped her chance at restoring her family. Should Constance be recruited in Crimson Flower, though, she’ll have a changed viewpoint after admitting to forcing information out of Edelgard. Through her heritage as an Imperial noble, Constance has personal history with Ferdinand and Mercedes. She used to be close to the former, but their relationship has strained due to his father's inaction when her house fell and his initially clumsy attempt to reconcile with her. She is much more friendly to Mercedes, treating her like a big sister, and expressing dismay that they were so close to reuniting with each other at the Royal School of Sorcery.

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