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Cranky Kong
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Cranky Kong is one of the central characters in the Donkey Kong franchise. He is depicted as a paternal figure to Donkey Kong, though their exact relation varies. He is characterized by frequently breaking the fourth wall and constantly complaining and rambling (especially in Rare-made games), although he proves to be a helpful sage in many situations, having been shown to possess much knowledge about the current location and its history and secrets. He is currently a widower, as his wife Wrinkly Kong is deceased (starting in Donkey Kong 64). He is usually portrayed as the elderly form of the original Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong arcade game, and can be described as argumentative and bad-tempered, but with a heart of gold underneath his grumpy exterior. Cranky is usually a non-playable character, but he has made playable appearances in some games. His abilities and physical health vary greatly between games, from being unable to walk without two canes to being just as athletic as the other Kongs.

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