Dark Meta Knight Husbando

Dark Meta Knight
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Dāku Meta Naito
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Kirby Series
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Dark Meta Knight is a sinister duplicate of Meta Knight who serves as the secondary antagonist of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and the Final Boss of Dededetour! in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He is Meta Knight's Mirror World counterpart and dark shadow. His latest appearance is that of a playable Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies, where he has many of Meta Knight's abilities, along with some mirror-based powers. Dark Meta Knight initially took on the appearance and coloration of his more familiar counterpart, Meta Knight, but was later uncovered during the events of his debut game, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Little is known about Dark Meta Knight's motives, aside from the idea that he is generally evil, due to having been created by Dark Mind. He carries a silver version of Galaxia and appears to be Meta Knight's equal at the very least, due to being able to defeat him in a straight up sword duel. In place of superb aerial mobility, Dark Meta Knight instead relies on powers related to mirrors, able to make duplicate copies of himself, attack with shards of glass, and reflect enemy projectiles in a similar manner to the Mirror ability. Over time, he has become more visually distinct from Meta Knight in-game, gaining tattered wings and a deep cut through his mask.

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