Elsa Granhiert

Elsa Granhiert
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Elsa Granhiert was an assassin working together with Meili Portroute for a mysterious organization until her death at the hands of Garfiel Tinsel. She was the main antagonist of Arc 1 and one of the primary antagonists of Arc 4. She perished getting her body utterly destroyed by Garfiel, reviving as a zombie and attempting to kill Natsuki Subaru, but ultimately getting engulfed by an incoming fire explosion, reducing her to ash. Elsa Granhiert was unusually tall for a woman, as she stood around the same height as Natsuki Subaru at the time of his summoning. Her purple eyes angled down towards their edges and presented Elsa with a certain level of calmness and gentleness. Below her left eye Elsa had a beauty spot. Her long wavy hair was the same shade of black as Subaru's (a trait that was very rare in her world) and was braided into a long tail on the left side of her head that reached down to her hips. A single purple flower decorated the left side of Elsa's head. Elsa was a woman of incredible beauty who apparently oozed eroticism with every move she made. Her white skin was unusually pale to the point that it could almost be described as sickening, and Elsa's slim body was well-endowed with large breasts and sultry curves. Her bewitching beauty coupled with her well-endowed body was enough to catch the eye of most people she met. Elsa's clothing, as if to match the woman herself, was extremely provocative. Her outfit consisted of a pair of black elbow-length gloves with purple trimmings at the top, a pair of black high-heel shoes, and a black dress with purple decorations that was both strapless and backless and featured brown tights. The dress, that clung to Elsa's body fairly tightly, also had thigh-high slits on either side and an exposed front that flaunted her bellybutton and cleavage. Elsa was a battle maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she could fight strong opponents, which was helped by her abnormal healing rate. This was also shown through her persistence. Due to her blessing, she claimed to be a vampire, though she didn't drink blood, nor did she receive any ill effects when under the sun. Her favorite things were seeing colorful bowels and touching warm looking internal organs. Within combat, she enjoyed cleaving through the abdominal region with the intent of tearing the target's bowels out. Perhaps Elsa's defining trait was the arousal she garnered from gutting people and toying with their steaming entrails. Upon facing worthy opponents, Elsa would express excitement at the prospect of gutting them, pondering on random variables such as what color her opponents' entrails would be. After disembowelling Natsuki Subaru, she barraged him with a flurry of questions related to the pain he was feeling as he lay dying on the floor of the loothouse, conveying that she received sadistic arousal from the pain others felt due to her actions. Her warped sense of arousal didn't end with her opponents, as Elsa also felt masochistic ecstasy whenever she was wounded by others, such as when Subaru kicked her in the loothouse. She didn't feel any remorse towards those she gutted, even if they were children or the elderly. Elsa also enjoyed knitting cotton dolls, especially after a good kill, and mentioned to have over 10 years of experience. Although it wasn't mentioned, she presumably destroyed them later.

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