Felix Hugo Fraldarius Husbando

Felix Hugo Fraldarius
Original Name
フェリクス ユーゴ フラルダリウス
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Dukedom of Fraldarius
Date of Birth
February 20th 1162
174.00 cm
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Felix is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Felix is a student at the Officers Academy who hails from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and is a member of the Blue Lions. He possesses a Major Crest of Fraldarius. He is 17 years old at the start of the game. Presenting himself as a sharp-tongued lone wolf, Felix is extremely devoted to honing his swordsmanship, and he will immediately challenge any strong person he meets to a duel. This desire stems from when he first wielded a sword and practiced with Glenn; although he never won, he swore to surpass his brother. Following Glenn's death however, he felt as if he was fighting a corpse, but still vowed to continue in his pursuit of strength. He respects a worthy opponent/partner, as shown in his supports with Byleth where he admires their skill, vowing to surpass them in the future. Should he obtain an S-Support with female Byleth, he admits that without her, his swordsmanship would falter, though he also makes it clear that he has feelings for her. As a result of wanting to become the best swordsman in all of Fódlan, Felix can be quite absentminded in other tasks, although he can recognize his mistakes should others point it out for him. This devotion results in him abandoning his title outside the Azure Moon path in most of his endings as he decides to travel as a wandering mercenary, taking down numerous opponents and building a fearsome reputation. Valuing hard work, he always seeks to train and hone his ability, and is rude towards anybody who gets in the way of that, being particularly disdainful of those that rely on their noble privilege or Crest. He often speaks what he thinks freely even if it may be outright rude, but he greatly cares for his allies, although he attempts to mask these feelings out of embarrassment. Felix holds a certain cynicism for Faerghus' values of chivalry and virtue. He looked up to Glenn as a role model; following his untimely death in the Tragedy of Duscur, Rodrigue stated that he died in "glorious service" to the king, which made Felix believe that he did not genuinely care for Glenn and caused a bitter rift between the two. In his supports with Sylvain, Felix was noted to be more easy-going and a bit of a crybaby, when he was young. According to Dimitri, his current sarcastic and cynical personality is similar to his late older brother's. His views of the dead also differ greatly from those of Dimitri. Whereas Dimitri wishes to satiate what he believes are the dying wishes of the dead, Felix believes that after mourning, the dead should be left to rest and the living should move on. Despite this cold demeanor, he does care greatly about his friends and hates the idea of them dying on the battlefield, especially if they come close to doing so in his defense. While they were once close friends, Felix's friendship with Dimitri appears to be very strained, with Felix having lost all respect for the prince upon witnessing his bloodlust during the suppression of a rebellion in the western parts of the Kingdom prior to the events of the game. He frequently refers to him as a "beast" and the "boar prince", and even goes so far as to use the "it" pronoun in reference to him after the timeskip. Should Felix be recruited in the Crimson Flower route, this turns into complete hatred, stating that he refuses to serve the boar any longer. In the Azure Moon route, Felix is barely able to tolerate Dimitri, although once the prince regains his sanity, he slowly begins to respect him, using his originally derogatory terms in a less offensive manner. In Three Hopes, Felix's attitude towards Dimitri carries less hostilty and more concern, as he learns that Dimitri was grinning during the suppression was because the person he killed was involved in the Tragedy of Duscur, which appeased the apparitions of the dead, leading Felix to see him in a different light. He and Sylvain have been childhood friends. Though Felix can occasionally get irritated by Sylvain's philandering, they still maintain their friendship even after post-timeskip. In their childhood, they had also made a promise to not die before the other, although they will disregard this promise should they fight each other in the Crimson Flower route. He dislikes sweets, although this can change in his supports with Lysithea (note that this does not change his liked/disliked meals when sharing a meal with him).

armor bangs blue hair brown eyes fair skin playable playable character short hair student swordsman
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