Fūka Kiryūin

Fūka Kiryūin
Original Name
鬼龍院 楓花
Romaji Name
Kiryūin Fūka
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 10th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4303
Like # 3856
Trash # 9117

Fūka Kiryūin is a student in Class 3-B. She is the only student in Advanced Nurturing High School to have an A+ in both Academic and Physical Abilities, shown in the OAA app. Fūka is said to be a beautiful and charming young woman. She has long platinum blonde hair and crimson eyes. She is often seen with a smile on her face. Her usual attire is the school uniform, with a black shirt under the school blazer and black tights, along with a headband as an accessory. During the exam, she wore a tracksuit. Fūka is described by Ikuto Kiriyama as a 'Female Kōenji', comparing her to Rokusuke Kōenji, from Kiyotaka Ayanokōji's class. However, it is stated by Kiyotaka that she is a much more approachable person than Rokusuke. Fūka is a person who doesn't care about which class she is in, stating she doesn't need the school's help since with her abilities, she can enter any university she wants. Fūka has a carefree attitude and only contributes in class points when she herself gets something out of it. From this, it can be inferred she is a confident person. Fūka takes an interest in people like Manabu Horikita, Miyabi Nagumo, and Kiyotaka.

white hair athletic bangs headband long hair student teen thin eyebrows high school student purple eyes school uniform hairband short eyebrows waist-length hair
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