Hachiman Hikigaya Husbando

Hachiman Hikigaya
Original Name
比企谷 八幡
Romaji Name
Hikigaya Hachiman
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 8th 1994
172.00 cm
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Hachiman Hikigaya is the main protagonist of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru as well as the viewpoint character of the series. He is a student in Class 2F of Sōbu High School and the second member of the Service Club. Hachiman is a teenage boy of average height and build. He has medium-short black hair and an ahoge. His most prominent feature is a set of dead fish-eyes. He does not wear his uniform up to school standards; he omits the tie and wears a black shirt underneath the dress shirt. In the light novel, Yukino Yukinoshita states that she criticized Hachiman's facial expression, not his facial features. This implies that, if not for his dead fish-eyes and gloomy expression, he would be fairly attractive, if not handsome. He did not always have dead fish eyes. In the past, he had normal eyes as stated by Komachi. He is initially a cynic, nihilistic, stoic loner. He is quite prideful; he does things by himself and has claimed to have never relied on anyone (other than Komachi). Hachiman refuses to accept anything he considers pity, sympathy, or charity. However, he is slowly revealed to be very caring and sensitive to the feelings of others throughout the series, and eventually lets go of his past beliefs due to his relationships with those close to him. He will often rapidly think slightly sarcastic thoughts in response to for example Orimoto's teasing or Yukinoshita blushing after revealing that she had styled her hair specially for him. Hachiman possesses an astounding level of intelligence and keen observational skills. His mentality and conversations are very factual and detailed-oriented , since lack of social interaction made it almost impossible for him to properly express his true feelings. Thus, while in a verbal conflict, he will almost always triumph using logic, facts and sometimes techniques he regards as "underhanded". He used one of these techniques to sway Yukino's mother into swaying the PTO to continue with Yukino's prom. Hachiman most noteworthy trait is his unrivaled self-loathing. He always regards himself as lesser than those around him, and undeserving of human companionships. He actively describes himself as pathetic, a loser, and other similar terms. His overwhelming self-loathing, social intuition and lesser view of his own existence makes him conduct activities which further deteriorate his own self-worth, most notable committing large social suicides. Thus, when someone is undergoing a serious problem, he will come up with an effective solution that almost always involves him committing a social suicide. These acts of self-sacrifice manage to always solve everyone's problems, but it also destroys any optimism, hope, self-esteem, leaving him with only loneliness, cynicism, more self-loathing, pessimism and nihilism. He states that he does not care about the consequences since he is always alone and does not care about how others think of him anyway. Despite his repeated statements about not caring how others view him or how feelings are unimportant, he is extremely affected by any drastic actions he has to take and will often be almost paralyzed after doing it. For example, after insulting Sagami aggressively in a ploy to get her to return to the festival, he was slammed against a wall by Hayama and slumped down into a sitting position, staying there for an unknown amount of time. Similarly, when his efforts succeed and he is given credit for it, he is very touched and bashful, seen on several occasions, for example Komachi kneeling and bowing to him to thank him, and Ebina coming to him to thank him for helping with Tobe. He does not like popular people because they have everything he doesn't, yet still take from him.

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