Hanneman von Essar Husbando

Hanneman von Essar
Original Name
ハンネマン フォン エッサー
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Adrestian Empire, Fódlan
Date of Birth
February 8th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 19458
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Trash # 6499

Hanneman is a teacher at the Officers Academy. He is a scholar who studies the power of Crests. He became a scholastic authority on Crestology throughout the Adrestian Empire in 1159. He had a sister, who did not have a Crest. Due to being in a family where Crests were prevalent (his father bearing a Major Crest, and both himself and his grandfather possessing Minor Crests), his sister (who did not have a Crest) was married off to another noble whose influence was waning and desperately desired a Crest bearing child. All of the children produced from their marriage did not bear Crests, and she eventually died, the primary cause being heart disease. Hanneman believed otherwise, believing that it was Crests that caused his sister's early death. Though he was styled as "von Essar", he renounced his peerage in 1164 following his sister's death. The grief-stricken scholar absconded to Garreg Mach Monastery a year later. Though he had always been fascinated by Crests, his current goal is to find a way to make Crests easily available to anyone who would want one, believing that if everyone had access to Crests the value placed on Crests in society would diminish, so that what happened to his sister wouldn't happen to anyone again.

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