Hector Husbando

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Hector is the Warlock of Melancholy. Currently, not much is known about him. He has some importance in Roswaal's and Echidna's backstories as well as to the origin of Sanctuary as he was the reason for its creation. As the Warlock of Melancholy, Hector has a negative personality, frequently expressing his negativity in words. Hector had the look of a young man around twenty years of age with a tall body and slender frame. His long messy charred-brown colored hair was tied into a braid that trailed down to his butt. His black eyes had heavy bags under them that gave off the impression of a sickly person. His mouth was slightly puckered and his cheekbones were fairly pronounced. The color of his face was poor and his posture was crooked, which, when coupled with his worn eyes, gave the impression of someone who found it demanding to put on clothes and leave the house. Indeed, every part of Hector's demeanour portrayed lethargy and a general lack of vitality. Rather paradoxically, despite the lack of joviality conveyed by his attitude and posture.

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