Hilda Valentine Goneril

Hilda Valentine Goneril
Original Name
ヒルダ ヴァレンティン ゴネリル
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Duchy of Goneril
Date of Birth
February 3rd 1161
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 1359
Like # 1193
Trash # 4345

Hilda is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She possesses a minor Crest of Goneril. She is 18 at the start of the game. Hilda is spoiled and lazy, which is attributed to her upbringing as the sole daughter and youngest child of a noble. She will often make excuses to opt out of any strenuous work or simply avoid doing things she does not want to. She is rather adept at manipulating others into doing her chores for her. She does this by not directly asking people to help her, and describes this habit herself as drawing attention to her wants and letting people address them on their own. Her laziness stems from her brother Holst, as he had set such a perfect example that Hilda believes that anything she does will only cause disappointment. Despite her laziness, Hilda is friendly, charismatic, and can be genuinely helpful if she puts effort in. She is a fashionable girl and enjoys fancy things. As a side hobby, she enjoys making handcrafted accessories for herself and her close friends. Hilda does want things to be done correctly, and will exert herself when she recognizes a friend may not be able to do something right. Similar to Claude, Hilda is also shown to be remarkably perceptive. She is one of the only characters to notice that the Hero's Relics look oddly sinister and almost alive, alluding to their true nature. Hilda is also the only student who notes how bizarre it is that Monica seems so happy and friendly after almost a year of imprisonment. The fact that Hilda refuses to follow Edelgard after she declares war, and is even willing to die protecting Claude during the War Phase, also indicates that she is far more loyal than she lets on. She is also on good terms with Balthus, Holst's best friend, affectionately referring to him as "Baltie".

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