Honami Ichinose

Honami Ichinose
Original Name
一之瀬 帆波
Romaji Name
Ichinose Honami
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July 20th
159.00 cm
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95.00 cm
61.00 cm
91.00 cm
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Honami Ichinose is one of the female heroines who frequently appears in the You-Zitsu series as a rival leader to the other classes competing for the position of Class A. She also happens to be an affiliated member of the Student Council led by its president Miyabi Nagumo. So far, she is currently considered a second-year student of Advanced Nurturing High School. At the beginning of the series, Honami was introduced as both the first-year's class representative and a freshman student who originally hailed from Class 1-B. Honami is described to be a young teenage girl, who is esteemed to be one of the most alluring and attractive students in high school by her peers and seniors. She is even called beautiful by Kiyotaka Ayanokōji with back-length strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes. According to Kiyotaka, in the cruise ship, he couldn't look away from Honami's entrancing blue eyes that threatened to always draw him into it when gazing directly his way. Particularly, Honami was described in the books to have long, light pinkish-type hair which travels down in length to her waist or hip. Besides having an average height, she possesses an extremely well-endowed figure that is a source of jealousy for Suzune Horikita. Honami notes that she has experienced considerable growth spurt with her body's bust, continuing to grow a bit bigger over time ever since during her days in the third year of junior high/middle school. She happened to be often seen wearing the school's standard uniform with a buttoned crimson blazer which is also connected to and covering most of her white blouse. Within the centre of her formal attire, she sometimes uses either a dark red or blue ribbon tie. In addition to that, Honami has on a short-length white sailor striped pleated skirt that all girls from her high school typically wear. More so, she put on black mid-calf socks that are below the skirt. There are different variations in the light novel illustrations of what she wears to school, indicating that she regularly switches between using brown or black shoes before heading to class in the early mornings. Her clothing of choice sometimes varies depending on the context of where she is at, such as when outside of school time or on vacation, Honami was known to be dressed in many casual garments. For instance, at the swimming pool, she once wore a bikini with her top tied in a ribbon knot. During the survival test, she had put on a red tracksuit with a white shirt underneath it. According to Kiyotaka himself, Honami had the necessary qualities including her own face and figure that a gravure idol was ideally thought to have, similar to Airi who is already in such a position to be infamous across the web and in young men's magazines. If there was one sentence to describe Honami, it would be that she is genuinely kind-hearted, benevolent, and a pacifist to the core who is against the use of underhanded means and violence. She is extremely engaging and interactive during social interactions with her peers, willing to befriend all sorts of people in and out of her classroom with open arms be it a teacher or student, easily pulling everyone's focus solely on her. One of her main traits is her selfless and supportive personality, combined with her excellent social skills and being naturally people-oriented. Honami is also a charismatic, energetic person with no ulterior motives, and extends her sweet and benign character even to those of the lower classes and levels, unlike many other upper-class students. In the first-year story, this was seen when she went to great length in trying to stop a possible brawl between three Class 1-C students and one of Class 1-D from breaking out, having a sharp-tongue to criticize others for trying to incite violence, especially in the library. Without directly bad mouthing or mocking the offenders disrespectfully, the most she did was being judgmental and prudent in pointing out their rude behavior in a public space, reminding them to be civil and tactful and respect the tranquility of where they were at. For this reason, she can also be seen as being a strict, upright individual who follows the code of conduct, acting according to whichever kind of environment she is in such as the library area, a quiet place that was supposed to be for reading and studying. She has a problem-solver type of mentality, ready to take on challenges with her wits, remaining calm-minded and clear-headed even when one section in her group was acting uncooperative with the other members. Kiyotaka notes that she isn't the kind of person who would speak ill of others without any sort of reason to do so. Additionally, her good-natured disposition is also what allowed her to become close friends with the likes of Kikyō Kushida and Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, despite them both being students of Class 1-D which was looked down on by upper classes and were deemed as defective existences. Even though she politely rejected the romantic feelings of an admirer who was considered to be a close friend of hers, Honami refrained from using any harsh or hurtful words and still honestly hoped to stay as friends with her classmate afterwards. She acts friendly to most of the students whether they're in the same class as her or not without showing bias from her tone of words when conversing with them. As she is popular among the boys and girls from all classes and grade levels, she is a person who has a way with words, pulling and tugging the heartstrings of many like Kiyotaka to feel affection towards her without intending to do so. She is a lively girl who appears to be brightly talkative with friends and adversaries no matter their affiliation or background. Even when the going gets tough, she stays sangfroid and aplomb as long as victory is still within her class's reach. In the light novels, during a girls' talk even with her new friends she made along the way while faced with an exam, Honami could be genuinely viewed by others as an honest, truthful person to a fault without attempting to lie her way out or feign ignorance when being barraged with questions. Honami was eager to actively collaborate with the students of the other classes and reach out to them during the exam where they were put together in the same group, looking to earn their trust and friendship. She even readily came prepared ahead of time to play cards with them. Honami is a curious individual who can come off as appearing interested to whoever caught her attention like Kiyotaka, believing there is still plenty more to find out about the true extent of his abilities. This curiosity of hers motivates her enough to go as far as to seek out Kiyotaka and attempt to engage in a conversation with him about his past life, wishing to investigate the latter and getting to know the man better as a fellow student. Suffice to say, she is the lynchpin holding her class together and stalwart towards her classmates, attracting even the attention and praise from other class leaders like Arisu, Ryuuen, Kiyotaka and Nagumo. What's more, she is described to be a person of principle and conviction who has her own moral values to stand by and follow accordingly as it is a matter of virtue to her. Honami is resolute and steadfast in keeping her word, as after Kiyotaka helped her, she acknowledged that she owed him a favour for his help. She dislikes the mere thought of going up against people from opposing classes who she has a deep liking to during a competition as it feels like she betrayed them, particularly Kiyotaka. Before Suzune shot down her appeal, she would try her utmost best to no avail in extending the duration of the class alliance with Kiyotaka's class for as long as possible until the former herself is mentally prepared to see her former ally as an enemy to do battle against. While offering him support, she reminded him how this debt was something the former ought to seriously pay back as thanks. When she fell in love with somebody for the first time in her life and sought to buy that person a gift, Honami would be in self-denial about her feelings for the latter, telling herself that the gift was her way of conveying gratitude and debt to her saviour contrary to what the expression shown on her face is indicating to others. She continued to assist and cooperate with him by gathering evidence to prove Ken Sudō's innocence. Honami even assisted Kiyotaka in rescuing Airi Sakura though she was under no obligation to do so, showing her generosity. This generous nature can be seen further when she was willing to use up some of her own private points to aid in carrying out Class D's strategy secretly made by Kiyotaka in Suzune's name against Kakeru's class to corner Ken's provocateurs. When her classmates had to partner up with an enemy class, she appeared vocal and unyielding about getting everyone to cooperate in overcoming the exam without any intention of giving up until it ended. Additionally, this can be attributed to her outspoken nature of calling others out like Kakeru in the presence of many students for not willing to work with her classmates during an exam where the two classes have to cooperate. She admits to herself that if Kiyotaka had been in her class, she wouldn't have had to worry about going all out or holding back and knew he would be an indispensable ally. She laments at the fact that this illusion wasn’t the reality she was living in. More so, Honami is rather humble and modest to anyone be it her enemy or ally as in spite of her great talents and popular beauty known across school, she is not at all boastful about them but remains levelheaded and speaks respectfully to all her peers, even those in the lower classes. As a class leader who stands up and speaks on behalf of her whole class, that aspect of Honami is what attributes her to being a rational individual who can be reasoned with logically. She shows signs of being compassionate, caring and worrisome in nature about people even outside her class, apart from her classmates, voicing her meaningless worries for the others' well-being if they were in a dangerous situation. Nonetheless, she prioritises the safety of her classmates first above all others, which matters to her the most in protecting, with a rare exception if it involves the chances of Kiyotaka being expelled in later volumes. On the other hand, she also has a trusting side, considering the fact that she went as far as asking Kiyotaka, who she had just recently met, if he would pretend to be her boyfriend as a way to help her solve the relationship issue she had with her friend. This trust she has with anyone, like Kiyotaka regardless of their class affiliation, was seen again when she allowed him to borrow the use of her phone when he asked for it. She wouldn't go so far to persistently keep on questioning their action, particularly what Kiyotaka is doing in the Event Selection Exam as long as it proves reasonable and explainable to her which the former won't pursue further. However, Honami's trusting personality towards both Arisu and Miyabi can end up putting her in a terrible predicament and state of mind once they betrayed her that wasn't easy for her to recover or overcome without Kiyotaka intervening. Her most powerful idiosyncratic quirk can also be her most damaging blemish, as it has been used against her time and time again, to which she had to be repeatedly saved by Kiyotaka. Meanwhile in the anime, Honami comes off as a bit playful in nature, teasing others to her own amusement as shown when she teasingly mentions Airi's close relationship and her obvious romantic affections for Kiyotaka. Though it was shown to be all in good fun between the two girls, as after her own friendly relationship with Kiyotaka was mentioned by Kikyō, Honami simply gave a slight smile in response about the growing friendship she had made with him after the two met and befriended each other. Honami rarely gets annoyed, although when the situation calls for it, she adopts a serious side to herself which was shown when she reprimanded Kakeru Ryūen and students of Class 1-C for their bullying of Ken and they complied without protest. This side of her was seen again when she helped Kiyotaka apprehend a man who was attempting to assault Airi and told the man to be silent after he protested and gave him a look of disgust for his actions. During the Sports Festival, she is open and helpful to working with unreasonable people like Kakeru if they happen to pair up together, putting aside her feelings for now to achieve victory on an exam for the sake of her class. Honami is strong-willed enough to step in front of two powerful male students fearlessly without batting an eye, ready to make verbal threats like warning the school about them if they don't stop escalating the dispute. Honami dislikes allowing trouble to go unnoticed in front of her, making Honami seem like an interventionist in nature. This was due to the frequent times where Honami often found herself sticking her nose in other people's business which was not her place to get involved until it detrimentally affected her and her class during an exam. Usually, Honami is the type who goes with the flow or the mood whenever she talks with her friends. Yet, for situations that involve herself lacking in knowledge about topics that revolved around romance, confessions, and so on, Honami is seemingly oblivious on what to do next and how to answer it while in front of her friends. Let alone that, Honami becomes somewhat shy and needy for advice as she goes out of her way to ask for Kiyotaka's assistance involving a friend's confession to her. After getting a love letter from her friend Chihiro Shiranami, she is unsure on how to go about it, thinking of not being honest about her true feelings towards the girl and to lie and pretend that she is with Kiyotaka as his fake girlfriend as the best way to get out of such situation. Honami even admitted to Kiyotaka that she had no idea of what it meant to be a couple with someone or how to turn a person down without hurting them and her friendship. When taking into consideration Miyabi's deal of borrowing points by going out with him, it is revealed that Honami had no experience on love or any romantic relations whatsoever with the opposite gender before and does not know how to confront them properly until she later confesses to Kiyotaka during their second year in school. Her shyness was seen again when Honami hesitated in talking about the growth of her bust size to Suzune Horikita after she asked about her chest development. On the other hand, Honami seems rather secretive about herself and her class, as she was quick to take action in reclaiming her phone back without haste when Kiyotaka noticed the massive number of private points she possessed. In that sense, she is protective of the class dealings between herself and her fellow classmates as these details are promisingly kept confidential among them. This was seen again as only in the anime that before Honami spoke to Ryūji Kanzaki about twenty million private points, she would make sure to hide her phone from him though she was very vague in her query. Due to this, she appears to understand why others hide their own secrets as shown where she recognized the true intelligence of Kiyotaka and saw that he was someone who shouldn't belong in Class D. Even so, Honami expressed enough consideration for his privacy that she didn't push the issue any further when he didn't seem to like talking about it. That being said, she still maintained a sense of curiosity about him, as seen in a conversation with her homeroom teacher on the cruise. Honami doesn't appreciate receiving praise from others like Kiyotaka and Suzune if it doesn't feel warranted or justified due to her own past mistakes. Honami happens not to think very highly of herself such as when being called a good person, thinking that she is not a wonderful human being as Suzune makes her out to be. It was to the point where Honami uncomfortably refuses to look at Suzune in the face anymore in a conversation after getting called that, choosing to avoid locking direct eye contact with her altogether as she doesn't want to be given too much credit by the latter as a goody two shoes. Prior to her romantic feelings for Kiyotaka taking root, she was presumably thought to be overly idealistic and hopeful in achieving a future where all her classmates are saved, won't drop out of school and graduating with them from Class A as a whole, not looking to lose any one of them due to expulsion. As she set her mind and goal on rising to Class A and graduating together with every single one of her precious classmates intact, Kiyotaka advises Honami to continue placing her trust on her class and move forward with her classmates without looking back no matter what happens.

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