Ingrid Brandl Galatea

Ingrid Brandl Galatea
Original Name
イングリット ブランドル ガラテア
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
County of Galatea
Date of Birth
January 4th 1162
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3408
Like # 3074
Trash # 6348

Ingrid is a character from Fire Emblem Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Ingrid is a student at the Officers Academy who hails from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and is a member of the Blue Lions. She possesses a minor Crest of Daphnel. She is 17 years old at the start of the game. Ingrid aspires to be an ideal knight which is reflected in her principled and industrious nature. Dimitri himself claims that "she is more knightly than most knights." She is hardworking and is constantly training herself to become an ideal knight and would rather be on the front lines of battle than be a housewife. She is unfamiliar with more domestic and everyday pursuits (and is shy about dressing up or putting on makeup even when told she is attractive), but is a decent cook. Despite her overall seriousness and no-nonsense attitude, she will often lose herself when in the presence of delicious food. As the heir of House Galatea, Ingrid's father desperately wants her to marry in order to preserve the house's future. While she is exasperated by his insistence and wants to be rid of the burden in pursuit of her own dreams, she is nonetheless grateful to her father who took care of her at his own personal expense, giving her anything she wanted and needed while depriving himself of even the modest basics of living and meals. The two seem to have a good relationship otherwise, as she is more than willing to at least consider any potential marriage prospects and he likewise will cut off any connections should they harm her well-being, no matter how considerable of a dowry he would receive. Ingrid was deeply affected by the death of Glenn, whom she both loved as a man and admired as a knight. He is somewhat of a sore subject for her, but still holds him to high regards and hopes to become a knight like how she remembered him. Due to his death at the hands of the people of Duscur, she holds a grudge against their people, initially believing that they deserved their punishment. Though she trusts Dedue, as Dimitri trusts him, she subconsciously upholds this grudge at first, only to realize that her anger against them was wrong after seeing how kind Dedue is. Despite her prejudice, Ingrid remains a loyal friend. She likes tales of chivalry but dislikes extravagance.

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