Kazuki Shimada Husbando

Kazuki Shimada
Original Name
島田 一旗
Romaji Name
Shimada Kazuki
Appears In
A Silent Voice
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 1st
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 3682
Like # 14947
Trash # 464

Kazuki Shimada is a supporting character in the Koe no Katachi series. He is Shōya Ishida’s former friend who went to elementary school with him. Kazuki participated in the bullying of Shōko Nishimiya, but never admitted to being involved and actively began bullying Shōya after helping pin the blame entirely on him. After graduating high school, Kazuki moves to France to study music production. Kazuki is a pale-skinned boy with short, messy blonde hair and emotionless blue eyes. As a child, he is always seen in a t-shirt with an unbuttoned dress shirt over top and pants, which is a style he seems to maintain as a teenager as well. He is briefly seen in an all-black uniform in middle school during Chapter 05. Although Kazuki's face makes him appear zoned out or uninterested, he is actually quite the opposite. As a child, Kazuki almost always involved himself in Shōya's antics, as his daredevil mindset complimented Kazuki’s carefree yet enthusiastic attitude. Unlike his friend, Kazuki appeared to be a more responsible and hard working student, attending cram school so he could succeed in middle school and beyond. He may also have been a member of the Boy Scouts, indicated by the text on the flag he carried around. After helping pin Shōya as the sole bully of Shōko, the cold and condescending side of Kazuki began to show itself as he became Shōya’s primary bully, purposely doing things that he knew would make him miserable and feel isolated. This attitude would continue into middle school, where Kazuki went out of his way to tell people about Shōya’s actions. In his late teens, Kazuki’s personality and opinion on Shōya appears to remain largely unchanged, not willing to even humor that anything he did was wrong. Despite this, he and Keisuke Hirose saved Shōya after he fell into the river from Shōko’s balcony and helped explain the situation to the police.

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