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A Silent Voice

Original Name
映画 聲の形
Romaji Name
Koe no Katachi
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The movie chronicles the emotional, social, and spiritual attributes that are manifested by a group of adolescent schoolmates in elementary school, especially as to how they relate to a hearing impaired girl that is introduced into their group. Each teen reacts to the newcomer in a different way, including many varied and negative reactions and outcomes. Shōya Ishida, a former delinquent bullies the deaf girl, Shōko Nishimiya, with his friends joining in. Finally, when Shōko is forced to transfer to another school after enduring a period of the most cruel bullying, all of Ishida's friends, as well as the teachers, blame him for bullying her into leaving. He is made the scapegoat, despite the varying levels of culpability that others have had in torturing her. This results in Ishida himself being bullied and ostracized well into high school. He comes to the conclusion that there is really no point in having friends. Having no plans for the future, Ishida even attempts suicide. But with redemption being offered, he learns sign language and unexpectedly reunites and befriends Shōko, who is still very lonely due to her hearing impairment and extreme shyness. By then, Shōko herself is contemplating suicide due to her own social and emotional problems. Presenting teenage companionship and social relationships in a frightening, yet compelling way, it is a movie showing the many facets of teenage friendship, pride, betrayal, ostracism, redemption, and genuine love.

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Display picture for Shōko Nishimiya

Shōko Nishimiya

西宮 硝子
Display picture for Yuzuru Nishimiya

Yuzuru Nishimiya

西宮 結弦
Display picture for Naoka Ueno

Naoka Ueno

Display picture for Shōya Ishida

Shōya Ishida

石田 将也
Display picture for Miyako Ishida

Miyako Ishida

石田 美也子
Display picture for Miki Kawai

Miki Kawai

川井 みき
Display picture for Miyoko Sahara

Miyoko Sahara

佐原 みよこ
Display picture for Yaeko Nishimiya

Yaeko Nishimiya

西宮 八重子
Display picture for Tomohiro Nagatsuka

Tomohiro Nagatsuka

永束 友宏
Display picture for Maria Ishida

Maria Ishida

Display picture for Kazuki Shimada

Kazuki Shimada

島田 一旗
Display picture for Satoshi Mashiba

Satoshi Mashiba

真柴 智
Display picture for Keisuke Hirose

Keisuke Hirose

広瀬 啓祐
Display picture for Takeuchi


Display picture for Kita


Display picture for Shōya's Sister

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