Shōya's Sister

Shōya's Sister
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Shōya's Sister is a minor character in the Koe no Katachi series. She is the older sister of Shōya Ishida and daughter of Miyako Ishida, as well as the mother of Maria Ishida and wife of Pedro. Her face and name are never revealed, always being referred to by her status as Shōya’s sister. Although her face in never revealed, Shōya's sister is shown to have a petite body and shoulder length black hair. Because of her very rare appearances, not much is known about Shōya’s sister. From what is shown, she tended to sleep a lot in her youth, usually sprawled on the floor with her legs sticking out of the curtain that separates her and Shōya's bedrooms. She was also pretty fickle about her dating life, with her estimated thirtieth boyfriend being Genki, who she shortly dumped for Pedro. After giving birth to Maria, Shōya’s sister began working so she could provide for her daughter, implying a growth in maturity compared to her high school self.

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