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Natsuki Kenichi is Subaru's father and Naoko's husband. Though a minor character overall, he is pivotal to Subaru's story. Kenichi is a good-looking, relatively tall, middle-aged man with short, combed-back black hair similar to Subaru's. He has drooping black eyes with angled eyebrows and for his age, he's surprisingly well built and athletic. Most of the time, he's seen wearing average-looking, rectangular glasses that complement his usual laid back smile and positive demeanor perfectly. One could immediately recognize his blood connection with Subaru. Kenichi is sociable, usually talking with acquaintances while outside, and, coupled with his good looks, tends to get the email addresses of high school girls. He is usually in high spirits, but can be moody at times, and also enjoys teasing his son Subaru when he wakes up. As a mayonnaise lover, he collects the caps of empty mayonnaise bottles. At some point, Kenichi married Naoko and had a son with her; Subaru. Kenichi was something of a local celebrity in their community, getting along with everyone from high schoolers to the elderly, resulting in his phone having thousands of contacts. Subaru idolized his father and wanted to be like him. However, after this proved to be impossible, he went through a downward spiral that ultimately resulted in him becoming a shut-in. While the self-hating Subaru wanted his parents to reprimand him, the couple saw that their son was just going through something and instead subtly encouraged him to go back to school every day. Kenichi also saw that Subaru was using exaggerated gestures in his attempts to be noticed, which only caused him to make a fool of himself; a bad habit his son inherited from him that he knew he had to correct. According to the author, after Subaru went missing (was transported to Lugnica), a police investigation was launched but ended up empty-handed. As a result, Kenichi and Naoko now spend their days praying for their son's safety.

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