Leon Stephanotis Husbando

Leon Stephanotis
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Reon Sutefanotisu
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Nain Iota
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Leon Stephanotis is a character in the Violet Evergarden series and the protagonist of the fourth chapter of the first volume of the light novel. He is a misogynistic teenager, but after meeting Violet, who is tasked with helping make copies of rare books for his company, his view of women starts to change. He initially worked as an astronomer at the Shaher Astronomical Headquarters. Leon is a young man who is short compared to his co-workers. He wears thin-framed glasses that he has over his fussy-looking almond eyes. His long hair is a rare sea-green color and his skin, which is the same shade as it was when he was born and not a result of being burned by the sun, is brown. Leon is a cynical, grumpy, and cold young man. This is because he was treated as an outcast at the Observatory due to being an orphan. He is rather blunt and is not very good with words or respect, especially when it comes to women. He was highly misogynistic due to an event from his past, but his attitude changed after meeting Violet, the first girl he has ever fallen for. His view of women also starts to change after meeting different women who work as an Auto Memories Doll. Meeting them made him realize that they weren't girls who were only after rich men, but women who were serious about their jobs and to convey people's feelings. He knows he's bad with women and initially disliked them, but he doesn't hate all of them and believes that there are good women in the world, such as Violet. He also has a bad habit of associating his mother who abandoned him with anything. Although Leon has a rude way of speaking, he is actually a very caring, kind and helpful, albeit awkward, boy. As he doesn't want to admit having a soft side, he comes off as dishonest and does not want to admit his true feelings. He is very passionate when it comes to astronomy, having been interested in it since childhood. As time went on, Leon began thinking about his own future and happiness, as he decided that instead of waiting at the observatory for his parents to return, he'd travel the world like Violet.

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