Lorenz Hellman Gloucester Husbando

Lorenz Hellman Gloucester
Original Name
ローレンツ ヘルマン グロスタール
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Leicester Alliance
Date of Birth
June 13th
188.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 9600
Like # 16299
Trash # 2825

Lorenz is the eldest son and heir to the County of Gloucester. He enrolled in the Royal Academy of Sorcery at Fhirdiad in 1178, but was forced to leave Faerghus and return home when rebellion erupted in the Kingdom's west. Lorenz takes great pride in being a member of the nobility and seems to flaunt his status. He unintentionally comes off as snobby and pretentious regarding the social divide, as he often comments on his own fine breeding and refined sense of grace from being a noble. Though he is obsessed with status, his pride is not to be confused with superiority; he will help out any of his classmates, common or noble, in times of need without question or hesitation, even though he will likely make mention of their social status when it was unwarranted or irrelevant. He has somewhat of an inflated ego regarding his attractiveness, and this gives him a reputation as a flirt. He can be relentless and is unable to take a hint when women turn him down, even assailing them with invitations for dinner repeatedly over consecutive days. However, as he explains to Byleth and Dorothea, the reason for his aggressive courting is due to his search for a woman worthy of his status, as he believes that he needs a noblewoman as a wife to benefit House Gloucester. When talking to Mercedes, he even hesitates about the prospect of marrying a commoner woman, stating that he would rather follow his social obligation than follow his true heart's desires. He values the ideal of nobility over his personal feelings. He takes his responsibility as heir to a noble house very seriously. Unlike other more selfish nobles of the Alliance, Lorenz considers the well-being of his future vassals and wishes that the Leicester Alliance would be more cooperative than self-serving. This sense of responsibility has led to disdain towards the current ruling nobles, including his father, of whom he is very critical. When talking to Catherine, Lorenz further explains why he considers it a noble’s duty to look after commoners, inciting the fact that being born of a higher status comes with power that should be used for the greater good. He therefore believes commoners have a right to revolt so that the nobility is held accountable of their failure to provide for the people. He expresses distaste and suspicion in Claude being the future leader of the Alliance because he is an outsider who was suddenly named heir to House Riegan, even though he was virtually unknown within the Alliance just a year prior. At his father’s request, and his own impetus, he scrutinizes Claude’s every move and constantly makes evaluations of his character. Lorenz openly makes it known of his displeasure of Claude's nonchalant behavior and feels that he is unfit to lead the Alliance. Eventually, Lorenz admits that Claude is more qualified to lead than he is, once Claude displays knowledge and true insight of diplomatic relationships that Lorenz overlooked, and they both come to form a bond of deep trust with one another. Lorenz has interests in monitoring Claude and writing poetry. He likes tea, red roses, art, worthy women, anything that benefits nobility. He dislikes, coffee, injustice, filth, foul odors, and vulgarity.

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