Luculia Marlborough

Luculia Marlborough
Original Name
Romaji Name
Rukuria Mōrubara
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 6th
163.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 2229
Like # 1989
Trash # 5961

Luculia is a graduate of the Auto Memories Doll Training School and a novice Auto Memories Doll. She befriended Violet at the training school. Luculia is a young woman of medium height with fair skin, freckles, and olive green eyes. She has long, straight scarlet-red hair which falls down to her lower back, with two locks of hair framing her face on each side. She also styles her hair by wearing a braided headband. After becoming a Doll, she wears her hair in a high ponytail with a golden band. Luculia is constructed as a kind and considerate person, willing to go out of her way to assist others, shown by events such as her offering Violet some of her food the first day they met or attempting to help her write a letter to Gilbert. Despite a tragic backstory, she is shown to carry a positive attitude and cheerful demeanor when around other people, but tends to be more quiet and solemn when alone. She is expressive and sociable, but struggles to communicate her own feelings, particularly regarding her brother. She always looks to assist others in any way she can and can be described as selfless.

bangs fair skin freckles green eyes headband long hair medium breasts ponytail red hair thin eyebrows braided hair chest-length hair
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