Marone Lisbon

Marone Lisbon
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Marone Lisbon was formerly a citizen of Guineb. She later started to help Regin Suwen at his hospital. Marone is the most beautiful woman in Guineb with bright red hair in a ponytail. She has light brown eyes and wears a white ribbon in her ponytail. Like Felt, she has a yaeba that becomes prominent when she laughs. She has a golden necklace around her neck, a big chest, and wears a light green and white outfit. Marone is an assertive, impulsive, and emotionally driven person with a big determination to do what she wants. While she is an optimist, she is very perceptive and does not ignore when a situation is not actually favorable. She is also shown to be compassionate and empathic. Marone was born and grew up in Guineb, where she was kidnapped and handed over to slave traders by Arhim Lavril. She was later rescued by Otto Suwen. After separating from Otto, Marone moved to Pappelt, where she became Regin Suwen's assistant. When Otto and his group arrived at Pappelt, Otto and Marone were reunited.

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