Maya Satō

Maya Satō
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Maya Satō is a student of Class 1-D. Maya is a teenage girl of average height with upper-back length brown hair that has bangs hanging on the left side, and blue eyes. She is considered attractive by her male peers who expressed jealousy towards her association with Kiyotaka. She opted for a laid back, carefree appearance by wearing a thin orange cardigan with the sleeves rolled up, with a loose tie around her neck. During swimming class, she wore a swimsuit. In the survival test, she wore a tracksuit. The depths of Maya's character haven't been fully explored, but she appears to be a friendly and cooperative person as she was willing to participate in the class introduction. She is considered to be one of the Class leaders for the girls after Karuizawa due to her influence and popularity in Class D. Because of that, she takes great care of her image. For instance, only seeking Kei for advice as she did not want others to know she was a late-boomer on the topic of romance. She apparently crushes on boys who impress her such as when she openly clung to the arm of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji after he showed off his athletic prowess and even flirted with him by calling him "handsome and cool" as well as asking if he has a girlfriend. At first she only came to him because he could run fast and that if Kei didn’t had Hirata, she would have gone for him. However, she began to foster authentic romantic feelings for him after getting to know him better. She told Kei that she never had a boyfriend or a date before and thus, sought her out for advice and assistance. She made the effort to do up her hair and don a fragrance, hoping that it would increase the chance of Kiyotaka accepting her. Throughout her first date, she was extremely nervous but thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with her crush. She was crestfallen as Kiyotaka didn’t seem to be enjoying their date together but brightened up after he said that he doesn’t smile at all and that he did enjoy their time together even if he doesn’t show it. She also prepared a gift for him beforehand but kept it after he rejected her. She thanked him for the fun day and he felt terrible for rejecting her but knew that it was for the best after evaluating her worth to him. She confessed to Kiyotaka after the double date during Christmas, but was rejected and ran away crying. They promised each other that they will hang out again in the future and wants to see each other again but Sato couldn’t hold her feelings and excused herself first as she didn’t want him to see her in a pathetic state. She was hinted to have cried an innumerable amount of times behind closed doors after being rejected as the next time we saw her, she was able to frankly tell her friends she was rejected without being choked up. Her friends summarised that this could only had happened if she had come to terms with the rejection showing an immense amount of willpower to move on. That said, she still harbors feelings for Kiyotaka and has admitted that she finds him way cooler and hotter than Hirata, not holding against Kei for liking the same person. She still feels conflicted that her best friend was in a relationship with her crush but decided to uphold their secret and support them in whatever way she can. After a while, she became more accepting and even rekindled her best-friend relationship with Kei. However, she made it clear to her that she is still very much in love with Kiyotaka and will take him for herself if Kei ever chooses to break up with him and go for another male. She is happy to hear their relationship progression and even teases Kei often on their development. She also knows when to cut back on her quips. On one occasion, Kei was upset about her earlier comments, she soon apologised and recognised that Kei's feelings were authentic and that she has no intention of cheating on him.

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