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Crimson Demon Clan
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December 4th
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Megumin is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Demons in the Parallel World, and was the first person to join Kazuma's party. She is one of the main characters of the KonoSuba series, as well as the protagonist of the Explosion spinoff series. Megumin is a young girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair (smooth black in light novel) and oddly languid crimson-colored eyes. She has fair skin, doll-like features and a light complexion. Megumin wears a classical witch attire such as a black cloak, a red robe, orange boots and a black wizard's hat, all with gold border and trimmings, alongside black choker, belt and fingerless gloves. Megumin's right leg is wrapped in white bandages and a black stocking on the left one. She carries a brown staff with a floating blue gem throughout her spinoff and until the 4th episode of the first season, where it turns red. Megumin's most notorious trait is her obsession for Explosion Magic. After being saved by a mysterious stranger using that spell, Megumin instantly fell in love with the Explosion Magic's unparalleled destructive power, dedicating years studying and saving points in order to master the spell, while ignoring its many demerits. After learning it, Megumin started to come up with excuses to use Explosion Magic every day, recklessly using the spell even when she knows it will cause problems for her and her party. Megumin also doesn't accept any other type of explosion, like Kazuma's tinymites. Like almost all Crimson Demons, Megumin has a chuunibyou personality, often making speeches using old Japanese dialect and striking cringe-worthy poses. However, her act can drop easily. She is also an attention seeker and has delusions of grandeur (calling herself "the foremost arch wizard and wielder of Explosion Magic" and boasting about her genius and talent, as well as fantasizing about becoming the next Devil King), alongside a taste for strange names, "cool" stuff and destructive hobbies. Although Megumin also enjoys cute stuff, she doesn't admit it in order to keep her "cool" poise. While Megumin is, according to Kazuma, weirdly smart and has the most common sense of her party members, she is quite childish and immature too. Megumin is short-tempered, often reacting aggressively to any provocation, and is even willing to use her Explosion Magic on those who provoke her. She is also competitive, having a notebook to count her wins. She often tries to assert dominance over her friends and rivals. Megumin is also a cheater, doing whatever it takes to win. Due to those traits, Megumin was "a ruffian" in her school. Although Megumin isn't a child in the Parallel World standards, she is still treated like a kid due to her appearance, which Megumin dislikes, as well as being called "child", "loli" or "jailbait". She often tries to act as a mature woman, sending mixed signals she is interested in Kazuma, believing this is the adult way of flirting. She also uses her relationship with Kazuma to look more mature to her friends. Megumin is very self-conscious about her preadolescent body as well. She often has the excuse that her body will develop later, although her bad nutrition and genetics say otherwise. Megumin is also very jealous of her friends' more developed bodies, even slapping their breasts in a fit of rage. She is obsessed about having a stunning body too, getting interested in becoming a great spellcaster because she believes that if she becomes a great wizard, she would have "a huge rack". Due to her family being very poor, Megumin learned to get by herself early. She used to hunt or steal her own food, and was willing to eat food remains, such as crusts of bread, and even cute monsters or insects. Megumin is also willing to use any underhanded method to survive, as stealing Yunyun's lunches at their duels in order to feed and seize the moment to blackmail Kazuma so she could join his party. At the start of the series, Megumin was very self-centered, as she only cared about herself and her sister Komekko. Because of that, Magumin also used to act like a tsundere, not admitting her feelings for those she also cares about, like Yunyun and Kazuma, and being harsh with them. However, through the series, Megumin learned to care about those around her and started to openly express her feelings for her loved ones.

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