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Yunyun is a main supporting character of the KonoSuba series and deuteragonist of the Explosion spin-off. She is a member of the Crimson Demons and daughter of the Village Chief, as well as former classmate and self-proclaimed rival to Megumin. Yunyun is a young girl with crimson-colored eyes, a determined and timid look, and longish black hair (dark brown in anime) tied in two twin-tails with ribbons that lie on her shoulders. She is a little taller than Megumin, with more balanced proportions. Yunyun usually wears a black robe and mantle, similar in design to Megumin’s. She wields a silver wand and wears a dagger on her hip. Underneath the mantle, she wears a low-cut blouse, and an ultra-short, pink miniskirt as well as a pair of dark toned pink stockings and brown boots. She wears a revealing outfit not because of personal preference, but because Dust tricked her into thinking it is a good way to make friends. Although never shown visually, she has a barcode on her inner thigh. Unlike other Crimson Demons, Yunyun is very sensitive and timid, and is often embarrassed by the chuunibyou customs of her tribe. Because of her shyness and lack of chuuni tendencies she is ostracized by her clan, who see her as a weirdo who never developed any social skills. She is a loner who usually spends her time in the the Guild playing games, (including two-player games) by herself. Yunyun is often desperately searching for friends, stalking those she wants to befriend and making up excuses to run into them, as she lacks confidence to directly approach people or ask for favors. Yunyun is also very unlucky, as she is normally nowhere to be found when someone is looking for her, or she befriends suspicious people like Dust. In the anime, Yunyun also compulsively lies to hide the fact that she is a loner. Due to her poor communication skills, Yunyun is often misinterpreted by those around her. She became famous in Axel for rescuing beginner adventurers in trouble, and then running off while apologizing for "doing something unnecessary" instead of accepting their thanks. Because of this people started to leave her alone on purpose to show gratitude, believing Yunyun disliked associating with others. Despite her intelligence - which is high even by Crimson Demon standards - and good awareness of her surroundings, her lack of social skills and interpersonal relationships make Yunyun extremely naive. She is easily manipulated by those who declare themselves her friends, even when she realizes their intentions. Yunyun is also too gentle to refuse anything to those who ask her. Yunyun also has low self-esteem, often seeing herself as boring and a nuisance to others. She has low standards for a possible partner and friends, and she has not only tried befriending animals and plants, but has even tried to summon a demon to be her friend.[8] She is also a crybaby, always falling into tears when upset, like when she is defeated or humiliated by her rival, or if someone denies her friendship request. Yunyun is obliging and reliable, as she always helps those around her, including attempting to support and straighten out Megumin. Yunyun is also very devoted. Striving to become a suitable heir of her father's position as Village Chief, she still practices her clan's traditions, like the chuuni self-introductions, even though she finds these customs embarrassing.

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