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Meili Portroute
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Meili Portroute (メィリィ・ポートルート) is a Demon Beast User. Originally introduced as a child of Irlam Village, she is later revealed to be a member of the same organization as Elsa Granhiert. She later joins the Emilia Camp after she fails her mission in Arc 4. Meili has olive green eyes and hair that is braided on one side. She originally had brown hair that was later changed to blue to match her anime appearance. She wears a blue dress with a light blue collar. When she was born, she was a feral child and did not know how to talk at all. She was raised by Demon Beasts and was taught how to survive through them. When Elsa brought Meili to the Assassin Organization, Meili started to admire her and began learning how to live like Elsa. Elsa taught her the basics of life and she started to become her purpose to live. When she was first introduced, Meili acted like she was shy and meek, though in actuality she is extremely friendly and familiar toward others, even toward her targets. She also has a habit of stretching out the end of her sentences. During her stay at the Pleiades Watchtower, Meili becomes attached to Shaula, who she refers to as "naked onee-san", and typically spends her time hanging on to her shoulder. Despite originally being a member of the same organization as Elsa, Meili asks the Emilia Camp to protect her following her defeat, as she feared that she would get purged for failing her mission and losing Elsa.

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