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Minerva was the Witch of Wrath. She formally debuted in Arc 4 as a supporting character. Following her death 400 years ago, Echidna collected her soul and brought it to the Sanctuary along with the other witches. Throughout Arc 4, she and the other witches helped Subaru accept himself and change his views on Return by Death. After the arc, her soul was transferred into a crystal and she is currently travelling with Omega. Minerva was a beautiful young woman who stood at exactly five feet tall. She has been noted to have been in her late teens years and had vivid slightly-slanted sky-blue eyes that were almost transparent. Her long gleaming golden hair was tied into a messy ponytail on the left side of her head that rubbed against her face. A pretty pink and blue love heart pin was also fastened to the left side of her head. She had bountiful breasts and a shapely bottom that lent her a fair deal of sex appeal in the eyes of Natsuki Subaru. Her primary outfit consisted of an extremely short sleeveless form-fitting one-piece purple dress with a cleavage-displaying cut-out, a translucent sleeveless light purple bodysuit worn under all of her clothes, a pair of thigh-high white boots with purple interior, a pair of long white gloves with purple interior, and a long white sleeveless coat with a cleavage-displaying cut-out that allowed a part of her dress-covered breasts to spill out. Minerva didn't like conflict as she always lamented it while healing people. She also only cared about what was in front of her, stating that she didn't care about what she couldn't see, such as the side effects of her ability. She was seen being prideful of her work, and often acted very hostile by punching people out of nowhere or scolding them for putting their "lives in danger", however her adorable way of doing so and the notion of helping, made it impossible for people to get offended by her actions. She often mistook her sadness for anger and/or wrath, using it as an excuse for crying. Her outbursts of anger were described as being very adorable. She hated the world for making people do despicable things and hurting other living beings. Due to her naive personality, Minerva was said to be extremely easy to fool-according to the author, no one in Re:Zero is as easy to fool as Minerva.

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