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Natsuki Rigel is the hypothetical son of Natsuki Subaru and Rem from the official Re: Zero If spinoff. Rigel has short blue hair and sanpakugan like his father except for the color which is blue. Rigel is a hard worker as he is forced to deal with the rest of his family. His personality is similar to his father's own and he is also a siscon. Additionally, Rigel seems to have been born into an unending rebellious phase, regarding his dad. Rigel was born a hard worker, striving to make each years Setsubun a success, despite his negative feelings toward it. Also, Rigel possesses pride for his Oni lineage. Rigel struggled with his offensive language, which his mother punished him for, until his sister began receiving education, as dirty words and offensive words were forbidden for the sake of her emotional development. Rigel notes that he is timid, so he can't stop being a part of Setsubun due to his pride and the expectations of Banan's residents. Half-Oni: Rigel inherited the single horn of his mother, Rem, and can use it consciously. The horn gives him strength. The horn may also be a weak spot as he is notably sensitive to being flicked and grabbed on his horn and forehead. The horn is sensitive, presumably like a sexual organ, based on Rem's reaction to being stroked by Subaru in front of Rigel and Spica, and Ram's reaction to mana infusions. Ninjutsu: Rigel has learned various ninjutsu techniques from Halibel such as the body replacement and cloning techniques.

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