Nene Onemine

Nene Onemine
Original Name
尾根峰 ねね
Romaji Name
Onemine Nene
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 7th
165.00 cm
44.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 2467
Like # 2176
Trash # 6378

Nene Onemine is a secondary character in Komi Can't Communicate. She's a former classmate of Shouko, Hitohito, and Najimi, noticeably known as a very caring person, who acts as an older sister figure to her friends. Nene has two moles on her face one under her left eye and the other on the right side of her lower lip. She sports medium-length brown hair which she ties up usually and long bangs framing her face with a parting at the center. She is often shown wearing the standard female school uniform, excluding socks and the navy blue blazer, and wears her skirt a few centimetres above her knees, with her shirt invariably untucked. Nene is shown to be pretty observant and caring as she became worried about Tadano who is prone to be an errand boy and various works being pushed on him. Unknown to Komi and Tadano, the emotions of the two are being observed by Nene, and seeing that both aren't aware of each other's feelings, Nene declared her support for Shouko. Nene is often seen together with Shouko like when their class was preparing for their cultural festival along with Otori.

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