Otto Suwen Husbando

Otto Suwen
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March 24th
177.00 cm
60.00 kg
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Nain Iota
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Otto Suwen was a merchant, until he was captured by the Witch Cult and saved by Natsuki Subaru's group. Debuting in Arc 3, Otto and Subaru initially started off on a rather hostile note, after their first incident with the Hakugei. After their paths crossed for the final time in that same Arc, Otto accompanied Subaru and Emilia to the Sanctuary and acted as one of Subaru's biggest supporters, proving crucial to Subaru's plans and allowing him to defeat Roswaal and overcome the Sanctuary incident. In the following year, Otto joined Emilia Camp, acting as their Head of Internal Affairs. He also played a crucial role in Arc 5, helping in warding-off two of the three Sin Archbishops of Gluttony, at a cost of suffering a serious injury to his legs. Currently, Otto stayed behind with Garfiel in the Water Gate City of Priestella. Otto has gray hair that is about as long as a gal game protagonist. He has sharp, bright blue eyes and a fair skin tone. He is considered to be somewhat handsome if he has a serious expression, however, he is usually either retorting, shouting, or panicking, ruining his looks. He has a medium build, but has trained himself since he used to work as a merchant. He wears a green, belted wardrobe, as well as a dark green hood, held up by a red bow. He also wears a green Ushanka with a white feather. In the events of Arc 5, his legs were severely injured by Lye Batenkaitos and his movements are severely hindered because of that. Otto is quite an unlucky person, first shown when he almost drowned in his first bath; he was accordingly born under an unlucky star. When he was young, he was treated as a pitiful child by others due to his Divine Protection, as they thought he was talking to imaginary objects. He is generally on the receiving end of jokes, with some people such as Natsuki Subaru suggesting to use him as a shield, but despite this, he is loved by the others. He's easily embarrassed, sensitive, and considered weak or pathetic, which can lead to others underestimating him. He is also sometimes cowardly and prone to panic; after learning the Hakugei was after Subaru, he pushed him out of his cart--though ultimately he still died in this timeline. However, he isn't totally bereft of virtue. He is very loyal to his friends; he helped Subaru in the Sanctuary even though it could've cost him his life, that not being the first time he's risked himself for his friends.

adult bangs blue eyes brown hair fair skin gray hair merchant short hair thin eyebrows
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