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Pandora is the Witch of Vainglory who has a connection to the Witch Cult. Due to her seeming command over the Cult, she is arguably one of the main antagonists of Re:Zero. Around one hundred years ago, Pandora attacked Elior Forest alongside the Sin Archbishop of Greed and the Kurohebi. Her goal was to use the young half-elf girl named Emilia to unlock a mysterious seal located in the depths of the forest, however, her plan failed when Emilia froze everyone in the village including herself. Around fourteen years ago, during the failed Hakugei Subjugation, Pandora appeared and played a part in the death of Theresia van Astrea. Pandora had the outward appearance of a young woman with a small delicate body. Her long straight platinum hair was seemingly transparent and gave off a soft glow akin to the shine of the sun. The radiance of her hair created the affect of a glistening waterfall that travelled down her slender shoulders and rested slightly below her knee line. Her eyes were as deep blue as the sea and were framed by long eyelashes. Pandora's inhuman beauty was terrifying enough to make any person who set their eyes upon her incapable of stopping themselves from trembling. Her charming facial features were considered the ideal image of the word "beauty" accepted by human beings. If it were possible to kill through beauty alone, it would be Pandora's radiance that would be capable of doing so. A normal man would feel overwhelming happiness in the event that Pandora made even a casual glance towards him. She is beautiful enough to be said to make other tremble with her beauty and that even God would hesitate to touch her. As if to amplify the impression of primordial perfection that Pandora's physical appearance conveyed, the clothing of the Witch of Vaninglory was incredibly simplistic. The only thing the Witch wore was a single sheet of white fabric that covered her torso and traipsed over her like a poncho. The decoration the fabric had was a line of deep blue stiches at the top and a matching blue ribbon. Aside from her gown, the sole piece of material that could be found on the Witch was a blue ribbon tied into her hair that was similar to the one that decorated her dress. Her legs and feet were both completely bare, however, despite this, any desire to touch her bare flesh seemed taboo on account of her divine beauty. She gives off an important aura and her voice has a magic like charm that seems to bind the bodies and souls of others. Just by being looked at or talked to, one can experience happiness enough to die for. At first glance, Pandora is dignified and graceful, with a generally calm demeanor. This calm exterior hides an extremely selfish and sociopathic personality, willing to do anything to achieve her goals. She had no problem with manipulating Petelgeuse into killing his beloved Fortuna and driving him into insanity, and even told Emilia that she would rip up Elior Forest to open the seal if she did not comply with her demands. Despite these traits, she never showed anger toward anyone, sending Regulus away when he turned on her and speaking calmly toward Emilia despite the latter repeatedly killing her. She had an abject lack of guilt stemming from her actions, showing no form of remorse when she caused someone mental or physical pain or even when she killed innocent people and concocted catastrophes. The Witch only saw the people around her as pawns or pets, not actually viewing them as intelligent creatures worthy of being considered her equals in any way.

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