Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti Husbando

Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti
Original Name
Romaji Name
Peterugiusu Romanekonti
Place of Origin
Kingdom of Lugnica
Date of Birth
180.00 cm
50.00 kg
Blood Type
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Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti was a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Sloth. He debuted in Arc 3 as its primary antagonist and, though he met his end in the same arc, he was mentioned throughout the rest of the story. In Arc 3, he led the Witch Cult to attack Arlam Village and Roswaal's Mansion. Overall, throughout this arc, he acted as a foil to Subaru, but was ultimately defeated, getting his body crushed under a dragon carriage's wheels. During Emilia's trial in Arc 4, it is revealed that he was once very close to her and her aunt Fortuna, but went insane after accidentally killing the latter. He continues to be brought up in following arcs, primarily by the Emilia Camp and fellow Sin Archbishops. Petelgeuse was a thin man, stood at 180 centimetres tall, slightly taller than Subaru. His cheeks were gaunt and the skin on his bones was unusually thin. If it weren't for the twinkle of madness in his grey eyes, the Archbishop would appear completely devoid of vitality. His complexion and lips, mirroring the rest of his figure, were deathly pale and had a sickly green-tint to them. Sloth's deep-green hair was fairly short but still long enough to catch someone's eye. Despite his madness and general lack of social decorum, Petelgeuse's hair was stylised neatly into a bowl cut. In the anime adaptation, Petelgeuse's eyes were black instead of grey. According to Subaru, Sloth's breath and body both smelled repugnant. He did have a strange and twisted sense of fashion as he could usually be seen sporting a pair of crimson-red teardrop-shaped earrings, similar to that of Regulus, with a small exception of Petelgeuse's being a tiny bit smaller and, of course, of different colour. Out of the Sin Archbishops, Petelgeuse's outfit was the most similar to the standard dark-purple Witch Cult robe. He wore a clerical cassock that had a green stripe down the front and baggy sleeves with peach-coloured frills. Over the top of his cassock, Petelgeuse wore a purple cloak with an upturned collar, red seams, and pinkish interior. The cloak had a hood attached to it in the traditional Witch Cult style although Sloth was never seen wearing it. Lastly, a purple zucchetto with a grey ring around its edge rested atop his head. About one hundred years ago, Petelgeuse could be seen as a much more normal member of society, sporting a rather tall and somewhat thin physique and sane and lively brown eyes. His hair bore perhaps a bit lighter shade of green, was much longer, and was evenly cut and tied to a small ponytail. His face wasn't as crazed and devoid of life, with his manner of speech being more calmed down and normal. He also did not self harm, meaning his fingers were not as disfigured as in the years prior to his demise. Emilia described him as very tall and skinny, but in a more lean way than frail. It is also worth mentioning that due to his nature as a spirit and the ability to possess non-contracted spirit users, Petelgeuse often shifted between bodies. At some points, he even possessed women. Petelgeuse was the general depiction of insanity, preferring to talk while in weird positions, such as tilting his head or bending his waist, and also liked to engage in self harming activities, such as crushing his own fingers, pulling his hair out, smashing his head onto nearby walls of the cave he was situated in, etc. Despite him being the Sin Archbishop of Sloth, he adhered to principles of living consisting of diligence and love. His love for Satella was the largest among the Sin Archbishops. He diligently followed and carried out orders from his gospel, always acting first in various situations, causing his name to be known as the most active Sin Archbishop, who was responsible for more than half of all the the Witch Cult's activities and attacks. A hundred years earlier, Petelgeuse was a moderate, upright, and rational man. He was a close friend of Fortuna and Emilia, enough to be described as being like a family. He was also very respectful toward certain people, such as the elves of Elior Forest and the Sage Flugel. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of Fortuna and Emilia, a trait which Pandora commended, and one which he would pass on to his future mad self. However, when Regulus and Pandora attacked their village, he accidentally killed Fortuna through Pandora's power, which combined with the damage he received when taking in the Witch Factors of Sloth, which he wasn't compatible with, causing him to go insane. It is worth noting that both in his past and present, the members of the Witch Cult carried him in high regard, and carried out his orders diligently and without question.

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