President Haltmann Husbando

President Haltmann
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Purejidento Harutoman
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Kirby Series
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President Max Profitt Haltmann is a character in the Kirby series that serves as the main antagonist of Kirby: Planet Robobot and CEO of the Haltmann Works Company. Being the president of a company, Haltmann is very cool-headed and rather cold-hearted. Like with his secretary, Susie, due to being technologically advanced, he feels intellectually superior to the natives of other planets, using etiquette when speaking. Haltmann appears to despise opposition, to the point of his face turning red while throwing a fit after Kirby destroyed his Business Suit, and calling him "ungrateful" and a "savage." He also does not trust other people, keeping secrets even from Susie, and is willing to do anything for the prosperity of his company, including invading and mechanizing other planets for resources. However, Haltmann used to have another side to him as well. He used to be compassionate, and cared very deeply about his daughter, even going as far as to use Star Dream in an attempt to revive her after he thought she was dead. Haltmann has been an ambitious man since a young age, having a livelihood in making inventions and building his company. In an interview, Shinya Kumazaki revealed several things about Haltmann. His specialties include numerals and inventions, and his hobbies include analyzing celestial bodies and climates. Additionally, his favorite food is high-class chicken. His most cherished possession is a golden pocket watch that has stopped functioning.

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